Terms and conditions

Business Information

Business Name: Apex Apps

ABN: 81700757157

Business Name Holder: Aaron Gazzola

Development process

Apex Apps (the "Developer") provides web application design and development. Each development project is divided into discrete sections, referred to as Milestones. Development is completed to the satisfaction of the requirements outlined in each Milestone.


The details of each milestone will be specified by the Developer and agreed upon by both parties before development begins. Milestone details include development deliverables such as images and other media, visual and functional designs, and web application features in the form of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript and/or other coding languages.


The start and end dates for development of each Milestone will be agreed upon before development of the Milestone begins.


A fixed price for each Milestone will be agreed upon before development of the Milestone begins.
Payments will be made for each Milestone before development of the given Milestone begins. The Client will pay the Developer via, where funds will be held in escrow until the Client has approved completion of the milestone.


The Developer is under no obligation to provide revisions to completed milestones, provided that all milestone requirements have been satisfied. Revisions will be implemented as independent Milestones to be agreed upon by both parties.

Project dashboard

Each client is provided with access to a personalised project dashboard at
Information in the dashboard will be updated frequently to reflect the recent progress and state of development. This information is to be considered approximate in nature and may not be up to date. Any developed content shared with the client before the completion of the milestone is a work in progress and may not reflect the final product.

Source code storage

A private repository is created for each development project at The project source code will frequently be uploaded to github throughout development. This source code can be made available to the client at any time.


The Developer will not provide support for any deliverable once the Client accepts it, unless otherwise agreed in writing.


The Developer will typically respond within one business day of receiving an email or a message via The Developer is not expected to conduct frequent or extended exchanges during ongoing development. Communication will instead be primarily conducted before and after the development of each milestone.


All web applications and websites produced by the Developer will include the brand name “Apex Apps”, and/or the Apex Apps logo, visible on every page of the application. Branding will be restricted to subtle and design-sensitive placement in the footer.

Privacy policy

Apex Apps is committed to protecting your privacy. You can read the full Privacy Policy here